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Payback Percentage

The Payback percentage is the overall percentage that a machine will return to the player through the lifetime of the machine.

Payback percentages are programmed into the machines computer chip and are set by the manufacturer based on the specifications set by the casino.

Although playing a slot machine with the highest payback percentage is recommended, it does not does not absolutely guarantee that you'll win more.

The advantage of playing on machines with high payback percentages is that, theoretically, these machines will eat less of your bankroll compared to machines with lower payback percentages. The lesser your bankroll is depleted, the more games you can play. The more games you play, the more chances you'll have on hitting those winning combinations. has compiled a comprehensive list of payback percentages from casinos across the United States to give you an overview on where to find those lose gaming machines. Click on a particular State to learn more about the payback percentage of machines located in their casinos.

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