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North Carolina Casinos Payback Percentage

North Carolina has one Indian casino. In August, 1994 the state's Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians signed a compact with the governor to allow forms of video gambling.

According to the terms of the compact, the video machines must be games of skill and are required to have a minimum payback percentage of 83% and a maximum payback percentage of 98%.

No table games are offered at the Cherokee Casino, only video Slots, Video Poker, and digital verisons of Blackjack, craps and baccarat. The slots are different than slots you will find in other casinos because of the required "skill" factor. With these "skill" slots you have two opportunities to spin the reels. The "skill" factor comes into play because after seeing the results of your first spin you then have to decide whether to keep none, one, two, or all three of the symbols on each reel before you spin them again.

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